A Fresh Start

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This month marks 9 years since I stepped into the blogging world. My writing has been hit or miss, but that’s because  I’ve always tried to put my family’s needs ahead of my blogging. Rachel and I have been doing a lot behind the scenes to freshen up my blog (Rachel has been doing all of the heavy lifting, I just throw my ideas out to her). I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go and what other avenues I want to pursue. I think I’ve come up with a plan, we’ll have to see if my life cooperates with it. 

I’ve had another blog, Joyful Homemakers, that I started several years ago. The plan was for it to be a blog that the girls and I would do together. The girls are pursuing their own blogs and youtube channels and it just makes more sense for them to keep their content on their sites. Since I don’t want to have two blogs Rachel has moved all of my content from that blog to this one.  I hope to be posting at least twice a week, though I don’t have my schedule quite firmed up yet. I will be sharing about my life, recipes, how-to posts, shopping trip hauls and if and when I begin the youtube channel I’m considering I will also share those here. I will be sharing similar content on my youtube channel that I do here. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to share and the purpose for this blog and future youtube channel. My desire is to be an encouragement to other women in their lives, relationships and running their homes. I have done a lot of thinking about pretense over the last year or so and want to be real. Sometimes real is rough around the edges, it isn’t always pretty and sometimes it’s just plain hard. I think that we have created a society (at large and in our churches) that promotes wearing facades and keeping up appearances. I hope that you will come along with me on this journey that is life, and be real with me as well. 

You might want to take some time to look around the site as my homemaking posts are interspersed between the original posts from this blog.   If there is a part of my life that you’d like to know more about, please ask. If you’re interested in how we juggle several different and some quite restrictive diets, or what our day looks like, let me know. What types of how- to posts would you be interested in?

Since I’m considering a youtube channel I’d love to hear what you enjoy watching on youtube (please no cat videos 😉 ). If you have a favorite channel, post a link to it and share what you enjoy about it. I will do another post about some of my favorite channels in the near future.  

Time For New Beginnings

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For a while I have been wanting to get back to writing but the Lord has been putting things in my path to prevent that. I am now at a place where I feel the freedom to write and with Gene’s blessing am starting on this adventure once again. In the last year the Lord has shown me many things, though it has taken great hardship and many trials to learn the lessons He has had for me. He has reminded me of the ministry He has given to me of serving my family, and how that should be my primary focus.

Though my primary focus is my family the Lord has also called us to be a light into the world and to encourage one another. That is the purpose of this blog. I chose the name, “My Titus 2 Journey”, because my life has been exactly that. He has taken me on a journey that has taken me through many dark valleys, but also some glorious and amazing mountain tops. I want to share the things He has taught me and is continuing to teach me as I go on this journey. The picture in my header is one that I took on our 25th anniversary trip to San Antonio. It is one of the walkways in front of the Alamo. When I look at it, it looks like a walkway you would travel through to start a grand adventure. While our lives may not be fraught with the adventures of Bilbo Baggins or the other Hobbits, our life is still a grand adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. Our ultimate goal should be serving Christ as we go through our days looking at every experience to see what He is trying to reveal of Himself to us.

 I hope to encourage women to be who they are in Christ and to follow the model of Titus 2 in this endeavor. I will be trying some new things as I begin again. One of the new things will be an online Bible study through the My Titus 2 Journey Facebook page. The first one will start on Aug. 5th. I will post more details about it tomorrow.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing. If there is a specific topic you would like to discuss, let me know and I’ll consider a post about it.

May the Lord’s face shine upon you today!