About Lora

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Thirty years ago, when I was 19,  I met the love of my life. I say we met in Sunday School, he says we met before that at a pool party. What happened in the next few months after Aug. of ‘83 changed my life forever. Most people don’t get married to someone after only knowing them for a few months, but we did, and boy am I thankful. Since our marriage I have been pulled and stretched in ways I couldn’t imagine. I was a new Christian having only been saved two months when we met, and the Lord had/has a lot to teach me.

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In the following years we had 5 daughters. I had my first, Lindsay, when I was 20. Then came along Sarah (who has many special needs), Hannah, Rachel, & Caroline. A gap of 8 years divides Lindsay and Hannah, and due to that I tend to lump them into two categories: Lindsay & Sarah & “the girls”. I have homeschooled them all and this will be my 22nd year. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

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The years have been full of many trials and tribulations but also much joy. The Lord has taught me many things through my tears and fears, the most significant is that He is sovereign and always faithful.

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My goal is to serve my Lord with all that I do which includes being a wife & mother. I am always seeking ways to improve and by no means do I think I have arrived. I will never arrive until the day I die and sit at the feet of Jesus.

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This blog is written with the desire to encourage women, young or old, married or single, mothers or childless, to be the women God desires them to be. I want to share my life and experiences with you in the hope that through my mistakes, failures and trials the Lord can encourage and strengthen you.

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I hope that we can have many fruitful conversations on marriage, children, motherhood, homeschooling, and being followers of Christ. Please feel free to leave comments or to e-mail me at Lora @ MyTitus2Journey DOT Com. You can also subscribe, follow me on your favorite reader, follow me on Twitter ,or become a fan on Facebook.

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The girls and I all love photography and most of the images you see on my site will be either my work or one of theirs. We feel that photography is a way to capture and share the beauty and grandeur of the Lord’s creation.

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I wrote a blog post on the purpose for my writing and have decided to include it as part of the “About Me”. You can read it here.