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Just two weeks ago I wrote a post about living in the future. Little did I know that things would happen that would have such a profound impact upon that future. Last Tues. night we got the kind of call we all dread. Gene’s step-father of 33 years was near death. Papaw died Wed. afternoon just as we were pulling out of Houston, heading toward Shreveport, LA.

We were all filled with great sadness over the loss of a kind-hearted man who thought of others and how to bless them in simple ways. Being with family made that loss easier to bear. We shed many tears and also shared many stories and laughter. Laughter is good medicine for the hurting heart.

Leaving was quite painful for us all. We wanted to be there to minister to Granny and help her with this transition in her life. Thoughts of moving back home were swirling in our minds. Then the realization set in that this just isn’t possible at this time of life. The job opportunities aren’t there for Gene and the reality is, you have to make money.

As I was getting back into the routine of things here at home, I felt discontentment setting in. I was complaining to God about the fact that He wasn’t providing a way for us to do this “good” thing. After all our motives were honorable, we want to minister to and serve our aging parents. Isn’t that the type of thing God would want us to do? What if He doesn’t provide a way?

As I ran a sink full of soapy water to do dishes this afternoon, my own words came back to haunt me.

As bumps come into my day, I need to pause and say a quick prayer asking the Lord what His will is for me in this moment and how does this fit into His future plan for me. Sometimes the answers are obvious; sometimes they are harder. We can have so many good opportunities in our lives that it can be difficult to see His best opportunities.

I was looking at what I thought was good and not looking at His best. If He has us here, for however long that is, He has a purpose in it. I need to rest in His purpose and live my life today with gusto; trusting in Him to take care of the future.

Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.  Jim Elliot

I have always loved this quote by Jim Elliot. I just need to put it into practice. Life is fragile, it will end before we know it. I don’t want to look back with the regret of living in the what might be or what might have been.

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  1. Wow – thank you for sharing that Lora! Such good truth, amidst such a sad situation. First of all, I am SO sorry for y’all loss! However I am glad it was God’s gain. 🙂 Secondly, I can totally relate to having all these “good” ideas and wants, and wondering why in the world God won’t let us/me do them. They are not selfish or for my gain. Yet I think that all those good and godly desires are part of being a Christian – We think of, and are attracted to, and want to engage in, good and godly things because of His Spirit in us. We see the benefit of doing this or that, and wonder why it won’t happen if it’s loving God and others?! I am (slowly) learning that the ideas themselves are good things that indicate a desire for God and His goodness – but sometimes, that may be their only purpose. And that is okay. Frustrating? Absolutely. 🙂 But like you so wonderfully said, Is it God’s best for us at that moment in time? I, too, have wanted to be near our family for so many wonderful, godly reasons. But God has not allowed that. And when I put myself on the back burner, I realize that I don’t have peace about going back – even though my mind is great at logically debating otherwise. But my Spirit says something else. It says “I don’t know why, but God has us here. And no where and nothing here on Earth is perfect and complete, but I trust in Him that He knows more than we do, and is leading us to do here what He wants and wills.”

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