Lies Women Believe– Introduction

Last week I mentioned that we would be starting an online Bible study this week on my FB page. This week we will be discussing the Introduction to “Lies Women Believe”.

Satan using lies to trip us up is one of his oldest and most used ploys. It began in the garden with Eve. The lies we are told are usually not big whopper lies, but lies that are 85% truth with just 15% of it being a lie. Our believing the lies that we are told keeps us from having the productive and abundant life that we have been told are ours as His children. I don’t mean abundant as in material possessions, but in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If we are feeling defeated by our circumstances fruits like joy and peace are going to be far from us.

Recently I have been through some tough things that made me feel as if I was in a bottomless pit. I couldn’t see how to get out. The darts of lies were flooding my spirit constantly. Through the early days of that trial I spent countless hours in the Word and prayer. It took a few days but it became clear which were the lies and which were the truth. When I focused on the truth I felt a peace I couldn’t comprehend. The lies brought about doubt and confusion.

I don’t want to minimize things and make it sound as if once that week was over, things were great. They weren’t and still aren’t. We are still dealing with this and probably will be for a while. Are things better? A ton! But the trial is still here and the Lord is continuing to teach us through it. Daily we pray for wisdom, not for the next week, but for the day. I can’t tell you how many times I would pray for the Lord to give me wisdom for the day, and He would. Honestly, I would often forget I had prayed for that wisdom and when a realization would come to me someone in my family would remind me that I had prayed for wisdom and that the Lord was hearing me and answering my prayers. I think that is often one of the lies that is spoken to us, that God really isn’t listening to us.  He is and He is answering in His time and in His way.

I don’t know if you have ever dealt with someone who lies to you, but once you know that you have been and are being lied to it seems to be freeing. At least it is to me. It helps me tremendously to know the type of person I’m dealing with and what I have in them. If we learn to recognize the lies that are being told to us, the truth will become more clear and we will be able to combat the lies.

If you’re reading along with us (and even if you aren’t) share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them. Drop by my FB page and join the conversation as well.

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