Lies Women Believe Online Bible Study

Many years ago when I was a mom of many little ones I found peace in my day by tuning into Elisabeth Elliot. Just the sound of her voice caused a feeling of peace to come over me. She never disappointed, she was always encouraging yet challenging. I remember the day I heard that she was going to retire. I thought I would cry, I didn’t know who Nancy Leigh Demoss was, I just hoped that she would be as encouraging as Elisabeth Elliot. I must say, she didn’t disappoint. I have been blessed more times than I can count by her wisdom and encouragement.

My husband also appreciates her ministry; he says it helps him understand me better. 😉 A few years ago my sweet husband purchased a book for me, “Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free.”  I found it to be encouraging and convicting. The Lord has and is showing me that we have to take every thought captive and we need to recognize the lies that are being told to us. Many times while reading this book I felt like she understood my thoughts completely.

The girls and I were having a talk the recently and this book came up. They haven’t read it yet and so we are going to be doing it together as a study. I thought that there might be others who would like to join us as well. I have decided to make this a public study. We are going to be starting on Aug 5th and doing one chapter a week that will take us to Oct. 26.  I didn’t want to set a certain day of the week for the discussions because I wanted more flexibility for everyone. So our discussions will run throughout the week. I will also try to find links to other resources during the week that go along with the topic to share with you.

I would also like to include your daughters. If you feel they would benefit, please feel free to include them. My daughters will be joining in the discussions with us.

I would really love for us to have some great discussions, being open and sharing our burdens with one another so that we may pray for each other. I do have one rule on discussions, no snarkiness allowed.  I firmly believe that we should speak to others with respect. We can disagree, strongly, but personal attacks have no place in our conversations. 

During the time of the study I will also be blogging about it. If you are a blogger and want to blog about it as well, let me know and we can set up a linky thing (OK, Rachel can set it up for me). 😉

I purchased my book through Amazon and got a great deal on the set of the book and workbook. If you don’t want to order it through Amazon, I’m sure that both Lifeway and Mardel’s carry it.

Please feel free to invite any women you think might benefit by this study.  Let me know if you have any questions.

The study will be held on the My Titus 2 Journey Facebook page.

Our schedule for the will be as follows:

Introduction:   8/5 – 8/10

Prologue & Chapter 1:  8/12 – 8/17

Chapter 2:  8/19 – 8/24

Chapter 3:  8/26 – 8/31

Chapter 4:  9/2 – 9/7

Chapter5:  9/9 – 9/14

Chapter 6:  9/16 – 9/21

Chapter 7:  9/23 – 9/28

Chapter 8:  9/30 – 10/5

Chapter 9:   10/7 – 10/12

Chapter 10:  10/14 – 10/19

Chapter 11 & Epilogue:  10/21 – 10/26

May the Lord’s face shine upon you today!

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