What Are Your Travel Plans?

Have you given much thought to the direction your family is heading? Is it the direction you want to be going, or are you off the path that will take you to where you want to finish the race? Are your goals specific or general? To say I want to raise my children to be lovers of Christ is laudable, but how will you attain it?

Often we have a general direction that we would like to travel, but aren’t making conscious choices about how to arrive at our destination. If you were in California and wanting to end up in Virginia, would you just start heading east taking whichever road went in that direction? Or would you take time to plot out your route and plan what you will do along the way?

If we will invest the time to plan our travel and vacations, why do we so often leave the directions of our families to chance? We often take things as they come with our daily lives, not taking the time to research and make decisions that will help us arrive at our destination. Shouldn’t we spend as much time planning for our families as we do our vacation?

What is the travel plan for your family?

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