Lessons From Mrs. Miniver

I just finished reading Mrs. Miniver and greatly enjoyed it. I was surprised that the book was credited by both Churchill and F.D.R. in aiding the Allied effort. I felt that her thoughts on the war were quite poignant. Once the war began life seemed to have more meaning. I suppose when you are fighting for your life and your survival it must make every little thing seem much more tangible. Maybe that is why I enjoy reading writings from that time period so much. I like reading about how people overcame insurmountable obstacles and trials and were able to survive to tell the story. It also helps me to put into perspective the trials in my own life. It would be easy to dismiss the trials that we go through by thinking they are unimportant and just irritants in our lives, but in reality, they are like the refiner’s fire, and are here to remove the dross from our lives.

Mrs. Miniver’s hope was that the people of England would take the lessons of the war, the pulling together, the selfless serving of your neighbor, living more simply and modestly, and continue to live by them after the war. We should take on a similar thought process. After the hardship of a trial is over, too often we go back to living life as usual without applying the lessons that we have hopefully learned. I wonder how many times I have done just this thing. It seems that several areas are getting worked on at the same time in my life right now. My hope is that I take follow Mrs. Miniver’s lead and apply these things to my life, even once this trial is over.

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