A Week In Pictures

Wilberforce….. going to pieces.

Our feathered friends coming to dinner.

Harmony wanting to have the birds for dinner.

Belle playing in her tunnel.

Caroline playing in the downspout in the rain.

Rachel playing in the shower.

Gene, Rachel & Caroline washing the van.

Photos taken around the house, after the rain. Can you tell I love to see the interesting ways the water plays on flowers and leaves. It amazes me how the droplets hang on… while I wait in anticipation of their dropping.

Gene found 5 Texas Brown snakes while doing yard work. They were very small, maybe 4-5 inches. The girls had a great time holding them before we released them into my herb garden.

A Green Anole Gene found. While Caroline was holding him, he turned from bright green to dark brown, to match her hair.

This gives you a snapshot into our lives for the past week.

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