Wilberforce is Dead

I am hanging the black drapes and putting a black wreath on my door, for my friend Wilberforce is dead. He wasn’t with us for a long time, but we loved him dearly. His shiny screen will be missed. He was faithful and traveled with me on all of my journeys. My lap will feel empty without his companionship.

His demise is no reflection on Super Geekette. She did all that she could for him, but his heart was too far gone for Super Geekette’s ministrations. She is going to be working on resurrecting an old desktop that we have, though it won’t be the same. I love to be able to travel with my friend, and will miss the companionship we had as we traveled together.

Take this time to appreciate your hard working friends. They accompany us on our world travels, taking us to sights we have never seen before. They help us to keep in contact with those that we love, and bring music to our ears. Please join me in a moment of silence, as I remember all of the wonderful journeys that Wilberforce and I have taken together.

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