The Month of March

This last month has been rather crazy…. yes that’s the word for it. Many ups and downs and surprises happened along the way. March 1st I took Lindsay, Rachel and Caroline to some area historical sites to take pictures. We first went to the Katy Historical Village. This village has several old homes, an old post office and a WWII era mess hall that have been moved to the site and now are re-furbished as historical sites. It was a beautiful day and many of the flowers were beginning to bloom.

After the historic village we went over to a place in Old Katy that had an old caboose. We took a few pictures of the caboose and a beautiful fruit tree that was in bloom.

We then went to the old train depot which is also a museum. The museum was closed, but we hope to visit it soon. This is where the fun really began.

As I took my last picture I heard Caroline walking up behind me, when I turned around she was pale, looking as if she might faint; all the while holding her arm. Her lips began to turn white and she started saying it was hard to see. She had tripped on the cobblestones and fell on her arm. She was in severe pain and later told me she didn’t remember most of the ride home. After we came home Gene and I discussed what needed to be done, and decided I would take her to an urgent care clinic nearby. When they X-rayed her arm, it turned out that she had green-stick fractures in both bones. They couldn’t cast her at the clinic, putting her in a splint instead. She hardly slept that night even after taking Tylenol with codeine. The next Monday Gene & I took her to the orthopedist to be casted. He told her it would take 4 weeks for her arm to heal. Here she is a couple of days after she received her cast.

Tune in over the next few days to find out how the rest of month went.

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  1. Ginny,
    Thank you so much. I took all of the pictures, but I think the improvement in my photography has a great deal to do with my new camera, and not so much to do with me being a good photographer.

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