Barking, Hissing And Screaming… Oh My!

If you have animals, specifically, more than one, you are probably aware that they have a distinct pecking order. If you have cats, you know that they are odd, unknowable creatures which you cannot predict. Take for instance the adorable, calm looking cat that is curled up in deep slumber. When by some unknown, undetectable sense they realize another cat is nearby. Suddenly chaos erupts! Cats are running from one end of the house to the other, switching places from the chaser to the chasee. Just as suddenly, they will plop down and begin to bathe themselves.

Last night, the girls and I were watching old home movies that we haven’t seen in a very long time, sitting on the couch and some on the floor, laughing and joking about the funny antics of their childhood. We were watching our cats, who were being quite sweet at the time, and Maggie (our poodle with a bossy attitude) was lying on the couch. We noticed Belle, our younger cat, was inching closer to Harmony (who is quite firm in her place as Top Cat), rolling around on her back. Harmony’s ears folded back, which is never a good sign, and she jumped on Belle. The part of the equation that was unexpected was Maggie. Sometimes when these wrestling matches are going on, she will stand on the sidelines barking, but for some reason, she decided to jump in the midst of things. Things were beginning to get real interesting now! One of the problems, upon further contemplation, was the fact that the cats were hemmed in due to those sitting on the floor blocking their escape. Take it from me, cats don’t mind fighting it out among themselves, but when a sassy, yippy, loud dog starts in on the fun… things get out of hand in a flash!

Cats were hissing, swinging their switchblades in all directions, the dog was barking up a storm, and 3 daughters were screaming at the top of their lungs, “Stop!!!!!” The animals paid no heed, continuing on in their melee. I’m not exactly sure what finally broke it all up, as I became distracted by the cries of, “There’s blood on Maggie!” and my husband entering the room trying not to open his eyes too widely in the light, and asking, “What’s going on?!” Oh, did I mention it was 2 am and he had been asleep for hours? We continued with the crying and consoling of both humans and animals for a while, and I had to try to doctor the poodle (who was having a nervous breakdown). After it was determined that the poodle was O.K. then it only took about 2 hours for the rest of us to get over the adrenaline rush.

Today all of the animals are jumpy. If any sudden noise is made, whichever animal is nearby will jump and look to see what is coming to attack them. Sadly, I don’t think Maggie learned her lesson very well. This afternoon when another wrestling match began, so did the barking.

So, as I’ve said before… things are never dull around the Keeth house!

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