Saturday Sept 15, 2007

Today has been a busy and productive day around the Keeth homestead. My night last night was quite late as Hannah was up very late (4 am) taking a breathing treatment, which in turn caused my day to start late. After arising, I went to Wal-mart for a brisket and a couple of other things. I’m making the brisket for guests on Tuesday, and I had to start it marinading today. I will actually cook it Monday, which will make Tuesday go more smoothly.

After returning home and getting the brisket ready, I began on some of the many organizing projects I have been working on since the girls have been sick. The first project to be tackled was the sorting of all our craft supplies. They weren’t in terrible shape, but they needed to be re-done. After Lindsay and I finished the craft supplies, I did a couple of outside jobs. When I went to Wal-Mart I bought 4 mums for pots I already had. I cleaned the outside of the pots, weeded the pots and then planted the mums with Caroline’s help. Caroline worked on my roses, trimming off the dead heads. I then cleaned the steps and the entryway. You don’t realize how dirty something is, until you clean a small area… then you have to clean the area next to it… and on it goes. I also washed the door mat. Overall I’m pleased with the improvement, though I still have a couple of other things to do outside.

Once darkness set in and I had finished watering everything, Lindsay and I tackled our next HUGE project. We sorted all of my material. I culled a lot of scraps, only keeping what I might realistically use for craft or sewing projects. I then put all the spring-summer materials into boxes and put the fall-winter material into my sewing cabinet. I was also able to put all my collected yarns away. I probably have about 40 skeins that I was having difficulty storing.

After this Lindsay and I were pooped!! We still have several more projects to get done, but it sure does feel good to get them completed!

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